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The West Brandywine group was founded in 2010 in West Brandywine with interests in the greater Coatesville/Parkesburg and Honeybrook areas. Our original members are very interested in the direction our local, state and federal leaders are taking us. We are committed to creating awareness of the issues that specifically affect our local community but with concerns for the broader state and federal environment.

As a grass roots movement, we wish to spread the ideals that the Founding Fathers of our nation have created. Limited government and reduced spending are paramount beliefs that we hold precious. To this end, we plan on holding public meetings and educational forums on a regular basis. Some meetings will sponsor local politicians speaking on topics of particular relevance to our current political and financial climate. Educational forums will concentrate on the Constitution and the basic principles of our form of government.

We are concerned citizens who are not satisfied with the direction that our community and nation are taking. We believe that many of our freedoms are in jeopardy and that the financial burden imposed by our governmental institutions are becoming excessive. We stress liberty and personal responsibility in the community as a whole. It is only through an informed citizenry with local political action that we can hope to restore our liberties and reduce the intrusion of government.

We plan on increasing awareness of our principles and acting politically to insure that our future and that of our children will be prosperous.


The Chester Springs group was started in early 2011. In no time, a group of many like-minded individuals has emerged. To date, CAF Chester Springs has begun launching Constitution classes in the area and more initiatives are underway.
       CAF Chester Springs draws people from surrounding areas such as Eagle, Coventry, Glenmoore, 
       Exton, Lionville and Lionville Chester. 

                                For information about our regional effort and special meetings Click here

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