Preparedness For Unforseen Emergencies

We continually find new reasons to be concerned for our families, friends, and the future. One, not so obvious concern is being prepared in the case of an unexpected emergency or disaster. Even the Federal government has many plans and agencies for just about any emergency imaginable. They call it "emergency preparedness" or "prepping". The state of Pennsylvania via counties, most boroughs, townships, and fire districts have some kind of plan. More often, we either don’t pay attention to these agencies or they don’t inform us of the possible threats we could encounter, and/or how we should handle them. Therefore, we all need to take personal responsibility to ensure we are prepared for whatever level of emergency that might be relevant to you and your family.

There has been so much interest in this subject that a small group of CAF members have put together a program that could help anyone who wants information on preparedness issues. It’s a chance for like-minded people to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences with others. Because it is a popular topic, and in an effort to keep people informed and spread the word, CAF has now made this part of its education program.

Some of the areas we will be exploring include:  Water treatment and storage, food storage, canning and dried premade foods, communications, medical and first aid topics, home and personal protection, financial preparedness, energy needs [generators, solar panels], etc.

This program does not resemble the far out "preppers" we often see on TV or the Internet. What we do is utilize the breadth of expertise and knowledge which many people bring to the table as a result of their own life experiences, professions, hobbies, and training. It’s amazing to find just how many people have already been working on preparedness for a number of years on their own. We therefore invite anyone who is interested in Emergency Preparedness to join in our group, invite your friends and families, so you too can be ready for just about anything. We typically meet once a month – dates and places will be announced on the website.

Meanwhile, we invite you to take advantage of some resources you might find useful.  Click Here.

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