Labor Day Tribute

August 31, 2014 7:51 AM | Anonymous

On Labor Day we honor all the men and women who work to provide a livelihood for them self and their families.  Work is a noble endeavor and is the heart of personal responsibility.  For all of you who “suit up” everyday and head into that challenging, competitive world, we salute you.  It’s the work that you do that makes the economy go and forms the foundation for a strong America.

Regarding employment, we have much work to do.  There are currently 92 million Americans who are not even counted in the labor force.  Yes, that’s right; 37% of those of working age are not seeking work for one reason or another.  On top of that, there are over 9 million people who are unemployed, i.e. in the labor force, but can’t find a job.  In total, there are roughly 102 million people not working in this country.

Perhaps that is one of the key elements of the national malaise we find ourselves in.  It’s difficult to feel good about yourself if you have no job and you’re struggling to provide for yourself and your family.  It is also one of the key reasons the nation is running a huge deficit.  Less regulation and government intrusion in business, along with lower tax rates, would be the best medicine for business expansion and job growth.  Let’s hope (and work for) we see that soon, before we get to a situation where only half the American people are working.

Again, we salute all of you who are working, have retired from a lifetime of work or are actively looking for work, but have not found that job yet.  You are the foundation of this great country!

Happy Labor Day!!!

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