PA AFL-CIO Publishes List Of Republican Lawmakers They Are Endorsing This Year.

July 28, 2014 2:19 PM | Anonymous
The PA AFL-CIO published a list of Republican lawmakers they are endorsing this year.  These are the people holding up important legislation like paycheck protection and pension reform.  We appreciate the PA AFL-CIO pointing out who in Harrisburg needs to find a different job.

The following letter was written by PA Senator and candidate for re-election Scott Wagner on July 23, 2104.

Good Afternoon –

Last Thursday and this past Sunday I ran a full-page ad in the York Newspapers and the Hanover Evening Sun highlighting the outrageous “victory” the PSEA (teachers’ union) claimed over the much needed reforms that you sent me to Harrisburg to fight for. At the bottom of this email is an article the York Daily Record published today regarding the newspaper advertisement.

My constituents have repeatedly asked me why we cannot get property tax reform, pension reform, and paycheck protection passed. I will give you another example why.

Last week the PA AFL-CIO released their statewide union endorsements. On their list were 4 incumbent Republican Senate members. We currently have 27 Senate Republicans but these union endorsements reveal the truth: We currently only have 23 true Republican senators. In addition, 18 Republican incumbent House members also received the union's endorsement. Almost all of these union-endorsed, incumbent Senate and House members come from the southeastern part of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia region).

Many wonder why a Republican Governor, Republican Senate and Republican House cannot get these much needed reforms passed. If you ask your legislators what the problem is many will respond with the same answer, “We cannot get the votes.” Union-endorsed Republicans are the main reason why we cannot get the votes to enact the many reforms that Pennsylvanians need.

In today’s York Dispatch there is an op-ed from the PA Governor’s Office called Demand Pension Reform Now which also points out the impact that outside groups have on getting reforms passed. The article states how special interest groups are putting a stop to much needed pension reform. The article says, “We must stand up to the special interests that have blocked pension reform, and fulfill the responsibilities the people of Pennsylvania entrusted to us.” Governor Corbett has previously identified these special interest groups as the public sector unions.

Lastly, I have received several requests from constituents asking for an update on property tax reform. I know property taxes are one of the largest financial burdens placed on taxpayers. Just today, I saw this letter to the editor in the York Daily Record – Taxes are Crushing Us.

Throughout my campaign for Senate I promised that I would fight for property tax reform. I have not given up this fight. Property tax reform continues to be one of my top priorities. Letters like the one listed above are the reason why I will not stop fighting for property tax reform. Our seniors deserve action. I would like everyone to understand that all of these issues are linked together. Without paycheck protection, there will be no pension reform, without pension reform there will be no property tax reform.

I was elected in an unprecedented Special Election on March 18th to represent the citizens of the 28th State Senate District. While I have already encountered many road blocks in Harrisburg, I can assure you that I am just getting ramped up for more intense fights to enact reforms that Pennsylvanian's nee

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