Voter Outreach

This initiative involves identifying undecided voters and working to provide them with information so they vote for the most conservative, liberty-loving candidates on the ballot.  We all know the importance of getting out the vote.  Pennsylvania is a key swing state and results here can determine the outcome of elections across America during primary and general elections.  We need every vote we can find to successfully thwart the attack our great nation is under. 

This effort requires an army of concerned citizens, conducting surveys to find out what people are thinking.  We need to identify those still on the fence about the direction of America and then work with them to choose the path of freedom, liberty and prosperity in future elections.  Therefore, we are always looking for volunteers willing to help during election periods.     

Please use the website contact form and let us know if you are able to help as the needs arise.  Now is not the time to be shy or intimidated.  Putting yourself out there and spending some time outside your comfort zone is a small price to pay compared to the “discomfort” we all will feel if we do nothing. 

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