An Evening with William Bradford

  • November 01, 2014
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • The Conference Center at Valley Forge
A really interesting and fun event you may want to attend - this is not a CAF event - we are just passing the information along.

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An Evening with William Bradford

The Pilgrim Story 1620-21

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Conference Center at Valley Forge

6-9 pm


The Pilgrim Saga is an Unforgettable story of a

Remarkable People whose exploits remain…

“… A rare example, and Worthy to be Remembered.”

Step back into the 17th Century and hear Gov. William Bradford share his eye-witness account of key events in Pilgrim history.  You are sure to be entertained and challenged while receiving an accurate rendering of events and new appreciation for this band of separatists; who they were, what they did and why.  Come learn the:

·          Real reasons the Pilgrims left  England and came to the New World

·          Record of the Mayflower journey

·          Realities of surviving their first Winter

·          Amazing relationship with the Native American Indians

·          Power of the Mayflower Compact

·          Facts concerning the “First Thanksgiving”


Your evening will include a Thanksgiving buffet, a first-person presentation in 17th century attire, Q&A, and more! Cost is $30 per person. Join us for

An Evening with William Bradford

Governor of the Pilgrim Colony, 1621-1657

As recorded in his journal

Of Plymouth Plantation

And presented by David Bradford, a 13th generation direct

descendant of Governor Bradford


The Conference Center at Valley Forge

1485 Valley Forge Road
Phoenixville, PA


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An Evening with William Bradford

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