• June 24, 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Southern Chester Co. Sportsmen's & Farmers' Association, 720 Sportsman Lane, Kennett Square, Pa, 19348
What:  Emergency Preparedness Meetings
A great summer to all.
We have decided not to have preparedness meetings for June, July and August.  In September, there will be a meeting to decide where we should go with preparedness.  Please come to that meeting with your thoughts and ideas!
Someone said to me after the ice storm in February, "that was like a mid-term exam."  So, how did we do in the mid-term exam? Did we 'ace' it, get an average score, or down right flunk the test!   I can tell you that I personally, 
barely passed the exam! I won't go into details about my NEW list of things to do this summer, but I will be busy.
So, think about where you are with personal and family preparedness. If you 'aced' the storm, that is great. If you are like me who barely passed the test, think about where we want to go next. If you have any comments, and want to sent an e-mail to me, please do.
Meanwhile, have a great summer and work on the things that may have been overlooked.
Martin Reynolds

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