Developing relationships with our elected Officials and holding them accountable for their votes, decisions and promises


Our elected representatives are barraged by constant pressure from special interests to vote for big spending and big government. They hear from us from time to time, but it is easy to dismiss our calls and letters, coming in one by one, when they have a steady presence of lobbyists whispering in their ears. We must become our own lobby and make ourselves known. This is how we do it:

In small groups, we must forge relationships with our representatives. We aren't operating under the radar, hiding like some, and we aren't just standing on the corner with signs. We meet with our elected representatives as a group, in their local offices, in Harrisburg, and in Washington. We want them to know who we are, what issues we are interested in and what principles we support. We are respectful and do our homework. They quickly learn we are not odd-balls, but represent a large and growing contingent of people who are like minded, and well informed. This isn't a town-hall style confrontation; it's an ongoing relationship.

These things are hard to do alone, but easy to do together! Our approach is proven. We can help you do this at the local/municipal, state, or national level. Become a member and join an existing team or forge a new one to hold YOUR elected representatives accountable.


We approach our representatives best when we are well informed. But no one has time to understand all the issues. As a team, we can share our own interests, expertise, and knowledge of the issues. You won't believe how amazed our legislators are when we have a better command of the facts than they do, and we know exactly what they have been doing and saying! If you enjoy reading up on certain issues, or following the activities of your representatives, but no one ever seemed willing to act upon your discoveries, you've just found your niche!


We are proactive. We don't wait for an issue to come up for a vote before we get involved. We share our resources to become informed on the issues. We communicate with our representatives, and often we let them know where we stand on major issues before they are on the record. We offer our backing when they let us know they are willing to support our position.

But sometimes we are reactive and have to make our displeasure known when an issue is coming up for a vote, or even afterward. Our goal is to strengthen our influence by acting in concert. The more of us band together to send our message, the more likely they are to listen. As we gather strength and numbers, we will become even more effective!

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